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About Me

Welcome To Gaaluub

The place where classical blacksmithing meets with modern design and dark aesthetic. My name is Dušan, I am a former student of Arth Hisotry. Currently I have the privilidge to devote myself to my greatest passion and make my living as an artist blacksmith captivated by the gothic art and its austere beauty. So inherent in cathedrals, castles, mediaval ruins and catacombs. Even in the dark dungeons with their accessories. The gothic achitecture with its high ceilings and stone arches leaves me speechless. I am mesmerized by the admirable work of craftsmen that undoubtly commands respect. They serve me as a source of inspiration and an example of honest approach. The aim of my work is to offer a unique and exclusive design to my clients who search for something new and distinctive with a subtle touch of history.

Regardless the purpose of my products, all the interior decoration, the simple metal hardware or heavy shackles carry one characteristic feature in common. It is a focus on the smallest detail that makes them stand out. An extra dose of emphasis is put especially to quality, function and consistency of my products. Thereby, they are dedicated to all the lovers of high-quality craftsmanship with an original design made with soul.

Meet the Blacksmith

Hello and welcome,

My name is Dušan Kúdela. I am from Slovakia and I work as a freelance artistic blacksmith. I represent the third generation in my family still loyal to this creative handicraft. The blacksmithing has always been my passion and I try to make the most out of it, handcrafting my designs rigorously and precisely. I stick to two key principles. Beauty in simplicity and no welding. They have become the hallmark of my products. While the manufacturing requires more time and dedication, the fact that I do not weld, makes my designs unique and exceptional at the same time. Most of the products are my own personal designs combining the traditional craft with more contemporary style. Some of them were made in collaboration with my customers. The offer is getting wider little by little. At the moment, I am focused on the Hand forged hardware and BDSM equipment. 

Best regards