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Set of 2 Gothic Industrial Candle Holders - Olarik

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Olarik - Iron Table Bastion

The great blend of mystical gothic and cold industrial aesthetics.

My intention was to create a pair of symmetrical and massive hand-forged pillar candleholders that would look great on a fireplace mantel, a wooden massive table, or somewhere in a kinky dungeon setting. They are like two solid, intimidating bastions overlooking a fortification.

The core is made out of 5 mm thick wrought iron plates. Each plate was hammered and either punctured by a hand-forged spike or decorated with a cross-shaped opening. And then welded together and attached to the solid, heavy square base.

It is my very first design not made solely of wrought iron.
It contains an essential part of walnut wood block thanks to which the holder can also be used as a lantern.

You can switch the pillar candles for common tealight candles. They nicely sync into their intended place and emit some light through the cross-shaped openings. Besides, metal and wood are a beautiful combination on their own.

With its timeless design and honest craftsmanship, this candleholder set will surely be a treasured addition to your home decor and a conversation starter.


Width: 155 mm
Height: 90 mm
Depth: 60 mm
Candle space: 50x50mm

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