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Stainless Steel Candle Holder Set - Aynur

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Aynur – Why couldn’t a blacksmith be a candlemaker too?

A typical Sunday afternoon. You have invited your friends over. You show them the living room and leave them with the usual “make yourself home” while yourself busy with fixing a little snack. They are sitting on a comfy sofa and gazing around the room. The ambiance is clean and neat. A perfect example of a good taste and minimalist style.
They can’t help but notice a set of solid metal candle holders towering over a massive coffee table in front of them. What is it? might puzzle them. But little do they know about the rareness of such handmade stainless steel candle holders. Let alone they were made by a blacksmith engaged in making shackles for, to put it mildly, kinky people.
You can reveal the truth and there is no doubt it would lead to an interesting conversation.

But let’s be serious.
Square candles are unique stylish and rare. But hardly would you find a perfect candleholder for them.
Why couldn’t I make my own? popped up in my mind. A modern candleholder designed for these types of candles.
And here it is.
Made from stainless steel. What makes it stand out apart from some obvious benefits such as resistance to corrosion, is the alluring metal gloss undimmed by any lacquer.
I cut all the parts from a massive 10 mm thick plate and hand-forged to get a distinctive organic texture. I polish the surface and the lateral edges and finally, I rivet the single parts together. The result is an attractive minimalist modern candleholder.
The hand-forged top plate is what catches the eye in this beautiful contrast.
Not to speak of the candle itself, which comes with the candleholder. So you can enjoy it yourself.

Candle holders: 90x90mm (3.54x3.54") at the top and 70x70mm (2.75x2.75") at the bottom
Weight of a single piece: 0.8 kg (1.76 lbs)
Candles: 50x50x100mm (2x2x4")

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I see the candleholder more as an object that complements the candle creating a
harmonious unity. I often see overdecorated colorful and scented candles even heavier than the candle holder itself. However, when it comes to the design, the focus should be placed on the candle holder and the candle should be minimalistic such as in this case. I have chosen a rectangular elegant pure white candle perfectly fitting the five times heavier candle holder. The sense of safety and balance is almost palpable.


I am glad you have found my product interesting.

The set is made to order. The time of delivery is only aproximate. When it is in stock the dispatch is possible within two or three days. Otherwise it may take a couple of weeks. In case of any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.