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Barn door Ring Pull - Eron

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Eron - Hand forged 2" ring pull

If you stick to the old rule „less is more“, then Eron is just perfect for you. The original hand forged product to decorate your barn doors. Its uniqueness consists in subtle details and singular texture. The joints are being riveted thanks to which the final result becomes impeccable. It is my first ring pull with 2“ internal diameter for a better grasp. The re-forged screws are included and will create the desirable overall look. Eron, a unique piece faithful to the style of my wide range of products can be easily complemented by other artworks available in my offer.

In case of its usage in the exterior, I recommend sheltered places. The product is protected by anti-corrosive coating, however each protective method has its own limits. Please keep in mind this is a handmade product. There may be some differences regarding the dimensions which will not be observable with the naked eye.


Square Base: 2.4"x2.4" (62x62mm)
Thickness: 0.2" (5mm)
Size of the holes: 6mm (0.24")
Ring Internal diameter: 2.05" (52mm)
Depth: 1" (25mm)
Weight: 0.73 lbs (0.335 kg)
Anti-corrosion coating: Lacquer
4x Hand Forged screws included 1" (25mm)

I am glad you have found my product interesting.

Made to order. The time of delivery is only aproximate. When it is available in storage the dispatch is possible within two or three days. Otherwise it may take a couple of weeks. In case of any questions, please don´t hesitate to contact me.

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