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Drawer Ring Pull Handle - Delora II

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Delora II - Unique Drawer Ring Pull Handle

Placement in interiors recommended. (door handle, drawer pull, suitable as component to wooden furniture, chests or coffers). The product may be attached to the bed frame or headboards. Let your imagination get the best use of it. In case of its usage in the exterior, I recommend sheltered places. The product is protected by anti-corrosion coating, however each protective method has its own limits.


Lenght: 170mm (6,7") Width: 45mm (1,8")
Depth: 31 mm (1.22")
Ring inner diameter: 42mm (1,7")
Size of the holes: 5mm (0,2")
Anti-corrosion coating: special patina and lacquer
Screws NOT included: 25mm (1") long

Please keep in mind this is a handmade product. There may be some differences regarding the dimensions which will not be observable with the naked eye.

Delora II represents my intention to design an even more ornamented version of a ring pull where a play with the structure will be underscored. Thus, I have created this unusual ring with rich detailed texture. This product initiated a new line consisting of Velora II, Honora II, Pandor II and Delora II. A great deal of attention is paid during the process of making which is more time consuming. Nonetheless it is worth the effort.

I am glad you have found my product interesting. Feel free to take a look at other designs with different texture. You can find them in my offer. If you prefer a vertical design, I recommend the type Pandora II.

In case of any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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